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Miniature Rainbow/LGBT Pride Flags - ColorFastFlags | All the flags you'll ever need!

Miniature Rainbow/LGBT Pride Flags


Proudly Made In America

 With marriage legal in all 50 states, there is no better time to show your pride or support.  Rainbow flags have brilliant colors on silk like rayon.  Rainbow miniature flags are four x six inches, securely attached to ten inch black staffs, topped with gilt spears.

These Mini LGBT Rainbow Flags Make Great Decorations And Giveaways For Weddings, Picnics, Community Events, Parades, Rallies, Or Long Term Display!

The six color LGBT Rainbow Flag has been a staple of the LGBT Community And Supporters since the late seventies. The six featured colors represent - r ed: Life, orange: Healing, yellow: Sunlight, green: Nature, blue/indigo: Serenity/Harmony, violet: Spirit.

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