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U.S. Power Squadron Flags


The USPS ensign is flown as a signal to others that the boat is commanded by an active member of USPS in good standing.  USPS is a national fraternity of boaters dedicated to better and safer boating through education and civic service.

The preferred location for flying the USPS ensign is the starboard yardarm or spreader, underway or at anchor, or made fast to shore, on motor and sailing craft.  It may be flown from the stern staff in place of the U.S. or Yacht Ensign, but this is usually done only on smaller boats that lack a mast.  On sailboats underway, it may be flown from the aftermost peak or leech in place of other ensigns.

U.S. Power Squadron flags are 100% marine grade nylon, designed to stand up well to the harsh effects of sun, wind and salt exposure.  Stars and anchor are embroidered, stripes are sewn.  Finished with duck heading and solid brass grommets.   Manufactured and sold under license from the U.S. Power Squadron and for use by members only.

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