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Mongolia Flag -

Mongolia Flag


The flag of Mongolia has the soyombo, the national symbol of Mongolia.  The soyombo symbol is a character in the Mongolian script, and is also found on the country's coat of arms.  The soyombo is made of many symbols.  At the top is a flame, representing growth and wealth.  Below the flame is a sun over a crescent moon, symbolizing Mongolia's eternal existence.  Two triangles pointed down represent spears and defeating enemies.  In the middle is a yin-yang symbol, showing balance and the complement of men and women.  The color red symbolizes Mongolia's great strength, blue represents the sky.

Mongolia flags are 100% SolarMax Nylon, the longest lasting nylon flag material available.  You can fly them outdoors for extended periods because they withstand the damaging effects of sun and wind.  Made in America.

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