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Miniature Mongolia Flag


Proudly made in America.

Made of a silk-like material and measuring 4" x 6" (four inches by six inches) these high quality miniature flags come attached to  10" (ten inch) black staffs with stylish gilt spears.  They are perfect for everything from long term desk display to parade and celebration giveaways!

The flag of Mongolia has the soyombo, the national symbol of Mongolia.  The soyombo symbol is a character in the Mongolian script, and is also found on the country's coat of arms.  The soyombo is made of many symbols.  At the top is a flame, representing growth and wealth.  Below the flame is a sun over a crescent moon, symbolizing Mongolia's eternal existence.  Two triangles pointed down represent spears and defeating enemies.  In the middle is a yin-yang symbol, showing balance and the complement of men and women.  The color red symbolizes Mongolia's great strength, blue represents the sky.

Base is not included, but is for sale on our website.

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