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Iran Flag


The flag of Iran was adopted on July 29, 1980.  The colors used date back to the period when the Shahs dominated the country.  Green is a symbol of Islam, it also represents hope for a better future, white is the traditional symbol of peace, red means the courage of the Iranian people.  The emblem within the white stripe is symbolic of the five principles of Islam.  It is made up of four crescents with a sword in the center.  The sword represents the strength of the nation.  At the bottom of the green band and top of the red band the takbir is written twenty-two times in Kufic script.  The takbir translates into "God is greater than can be described".  The number twenty-two is significant because the Islamic Revolution occurred on the twenty-second day of the eleventh month of the Iranian calendar.

Made in America, Iran flags are 100% durable nylon.

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