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Miniature Belize Flag


Proudly made in America.

Silk-like flags measure 4" x 6"  and are securely attached to 10" black staffs topped with gilt spears.  All four sides are sewn.  Bright colors.  They are perfect for everything from long term desk display to parade and celebration giveaways.

The flag of Belize uses 12 colors, more than any other country's flag.  Within the center of the flag is the coat of arms, featuring two woodcutters, one carrying an axe, the other a wooden oar.  Directly behind them is a mahogany tree, important to the early economy of the country.  The shield also shows a ship, which represents ship building, another important element of the country's economy.  Also shown is the national motto of the country, Sub Umbra Floreo, "Under the Shade I Flourish".

Base is not included, but is for sale on our website.

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