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Retired Marine Wants To Fly U.S. And Marine Corps Flags. Board Says No.

American flag Homeowners Association Rules Marine Corps flags

  With lovely sounding street addresses including English Ivy and Sawgrass Place, Sun City Peachtree promised to be an idyllic retirement home for Jim Lowe and his wife.  Even the community's slogan, Live Life to the Fullest, sounded perfect.  And for a good while it was just that - a lovely home, plenty of activities, lots of new friends, a party every night. But when Marine veteran Lowe, he served in the Korean War, decided to fly both an American and Marine Corps flag, one on each side of his garage, the party abruptly ended.  Seems the Board of Directors...

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The White Flag Of Surrender

American flag history White Flags of Surrender

Even in war there are traditions.  One of the most time-honored - and pervasive throughout the world - is for surrendering armies to wave white flags. The tradition is thought to have originated with the reign of the Eastern Han dynasty in China over 2000 years ago.  The practice of using a white flag to surrender seems to have developed independently in the Roman Empire at about the same time.  The Roman writer Cornelius Tacitus wrote of a white flag of surrender in his Histories, first published in 109.  He cites the Second Battle of Cremona, fought between the Vitelliand...

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